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Human by default, Engineer by Education and Programmer by Choice. This blog is digital diary for all the technical information parsed while solving problems at work. Targeted purely as a collection of the basics that are independent of employment status and designations, but some how are most crucial in defining career and inspiring growth. If anything unique is found here then it is definitely by accident !!

Hello World

“Hello World” … First line of a programmer’s journey …

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12 years a ….

Years of experience is a global metric of nostalgia. One such nostalgic stream that found its way in the cyber universe..

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F.P.G.A Heuristic

A Quantitative breakdown of social dynamics of an individuals …

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Analog Existence

Analog signifies life. A thought that started outside digital paradigm ….

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Linux : Virtual Memory and Shared Libraries

tools for optimization

Memory management is one of the most critical task of any operating system. Some references about the core of developer’s debugging toolkit on Linux. Will…

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