SDLC VI : Development

This is part 6 of a 13 part series.

This is where the magic happens. This is nebula for ideas, where abstraction is given shape. The laws of world are applied strictly and ideals are approximated. Development is the process of turning visions into products. Minutely taking details from design and implementing them to withstand the rigor of the real world. If at all perfection could be achieved this is the only process where it is possible. For software, features and designs are turned into millions of lines of codes that only machines can understand and peers can appreciate. All this happens behind the scene, leaving very little room for glamorous accolades by millions of users. An unrewarding process by definition; but of great importance in the life cycle. A true test of values and character of everyone involved. A very apt analogy would be; this is where dreams come to life. Closest one can feel to being the creator while putting together such ideas.

First 15 years of a kid’s life provide a similar opportunity for the educational system and parents. They can choose to take moral responsibility for the development of children and help them evolve into independent thinkers. The tools have to be refined and social norms have to be restructured to allow the freedom to think as a part of curriculum. An act of liberating children from a cage of social norms can only be accomplished before they form an opinion about the world based on inherited outdated fractured and regressive values.

Education has to evolve into a playground of ideas with vast planes to practice innovation. With boundaries only to help young minds develop a strong moral code right from the beginning of their lives. The core idea should be to help them understand and master their own learning pattern. Help them develop a work ethic that will become their primary tool of trade. Convince them about the basic principles of a great work ethic like patience, perseverance, hard work, sincerity, honesty, punctuality, ambition, rationality, objectivity, dedication and many more.

These are the values that hold any society together, and the world over the society has gone bankrupt of these moral values. The broken value system has lead to a greed based comparison operator in our logic system. The values passed on preach to always look for greater and force everything otherwise to be treated as junk. Well, only a small flaw being, ignoring equality. The mutual respect for equal perspectives in any scenario is of utmost importance for coming up with the most optimal solution in the end. Ideas in general often have a tendency to fuse together to form a more optimal one. Rarely great ideas come from an individual thinker; inspiration is often the set of existing ideas that evolve as a solution at the end of thinking process.

Thinking is a generic art that can be honed into a skill with focus and nurturing at early ages. Ideas that can change course of world often originate in minds that are deeply connected to their field of work. Minds that search every field with a unique perspective and a goal of benefitting their own field. The skill of being a generalist is highly underrated due to fear of getting caught up among the mediocre section of the academic curve, yet over the ages the world has seen generalists coming up with theories of the highest pedigree. In spite of all this evidence why is the system still in a race to clone specialists?

The answer is probably within each one of us. The inability to tame ego and tackle the insecurity of not being the best or rather better than others, drives the aspirant to master an art that is meaningless to his soul. The system does not dictate this explicitly but implicitly everyone in society helps in making it mandatory. The basic skill of analyzing a situation is never taught to children to help them tackle this crippling situation. The world is painted in black and white for them and left for them to define the grey.

This is precisely where Mathematics and Sciences can help the system enlighten young minds with idea of reason. Enhance the curriculum to help the young ones think in multiple ways regarding the same problem statement. Encourage them to breakdown their daily problems as equations and solve them systematically. Ignorance of parents needs to be eliminated from this activity as well. Parents too need to step up and appreciate the curriculum to connect with their children at an intellectual level. A biological connection is just not enough for a curious mind to grow into an intellectual one. As observers the rest need to shed their egos and try to help parents in their social circles educate their kids in a better way.

To restructure the society, effort needs to come from all quadrants. Everyone needs to step up and be ready to act as an intellectual escrow between the parents and teachers, just for sake of a better tomorrow. The fundamental ideas of the system are not as corrupt and defunct as their execution. The easy way of blaming the system has to give way to a more honest effort by everyone. This could easily be misinterpreted as preaching one’s own philosophy at every opportunity of uttering a syllable.
The intention is to expect the readers to be more interested in the well being of society at an intellectual level. Spread a little awareness and it might be possible to see a change starting to happen within our lifetime. Let us try to leave behind a healing society and a set of tools for the next generation.

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