Unfortunately, the feeling of being so lost that calling it the end of quest seems more logical and only available solution; a well known conclusion to most prolonged thoughts about the system that dictates our lives. But the whole inspiration behind this work is to prove the reason for the failed quests is lack of tools.

It is not too farfetched to assume every human as a set of equations waiting to be solved. Some of the dominant variables have been highlighted in the previous chapters; the trick is for everyone to isolate the ones they can control. Most decisions then just become an extension of the mathematics and science learned during school days. The work ethic is an elaborate algorithm to juggle all these equations in an attempt to solve these equations. A good multitasking work ethic is a balanced cock tail of ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), where ADD chooses tasks and OCD executes them before the next ADD cycle kicks in. A good starting point could be to start enriching our souls with some value derived from daily activities; doing trivial things with purpose instead of sleep walking through them as a favor to the universe.

Turning every comparison into a war is only dissipating the value of entities involved, morphing them into something they are not and never intended to be. X versus Y all the time is not needed, X or Y sounds much better to deal, starting with what are we looking to achieve by comparison in first place. The broken comparison operator has caused enough damage to society already. It is time to question the impact at individual level and start fixing it. Winning is a great motivator but ability of tackling loss is a far more valuable lesson one needs to learn.

It is time to revisit the perspective on which we gauge the world itself. Time to remind ourselves, it is the passion, vision, dedication that distinguishes jobs from careers, apartments from homes, group of neighbors from communities, bunch of employees from teams, experiments from products. Familiar with phenomenon called functions in mathematics or the saying birds of feather flock together; the same logic applies to everyday lives too. Humanity is like the function that is defining our animal instincts into some constructive coherent actions resulting in evolution, otherwise if those rules are forgotten humans will be no more than irrational numbers racing to infinity in search of a recurring pattern.

The value system next generation is going to inherit must allow them access to the tools we forgot to use. We need to inspire them to be convinced into believing in an idea of a better world. Everyone needs to contribute to the intellectual legacy of the current generation; else evolution of race will stall.

And finally the name stands for Statistically Decoded Life Cipher.

SDLC Series iterator : I : Preface , II : Introduction , III: Normal Perspective , IV: Requirements Gathering , V: Functional Specifications , VI : Development , VII : Testing , VIII : Alpha Release , IX : Beta Release , X : UAT , XI : Migration , XII : Release Notes , XIII : EOF , Book Shelf: Bibliography

Human by default, Engineer by Education and Programmer by Choice. This blog is digital diary for all the technical information parsed while solving problems at work. Targeted purely as a collection of the basics that are independent of employment status and designations, but some how are most crucial in defining career and inspiring growth. If anything unique is found here then it is definitely by accident !!

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