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Youtube has become a rich source of learning resources. Considering the dynamic landscape of content, consolidating some of them in this post as an appendix for the Book Shelf. Most efficient way to use the resources would be to subscribe the channels or save course specific playlists by signing in. Sanitizing the home page weekly by removing suggested channel recommendation can help cultivating a richer recommendation system over a period of few months.

Following list is unordered since some of the links happen to be umbrella for versatile content. Opting an alphabetical order for ease of maintenance.

A9 Videos Lecture series by Alexander Stephanov (creator of C++ STL)
Amazon Web Services AWS tutorials and use case demos.
Arm Arm community.
Blackhat Security conference
BoostCon Boost (C++) Community conference.
Brandon Rohrer Deep Learning
CMU Database group Database theory and design courses offered by Carnegie Mellon university.
CNCF Cloud Native Computing Foundation
CppCast Stream from the CppCast podcast.
CppCon Cpp Conference
Curry On! Software engineering Deep Learning by Andrew Ng
DefCon Security Conference
Dockers Docker and linux containers.
GCP Google Cloud Platform.
Google Developers Framework tutorials.
Google Tech Talks Technology related talks.
Gopher Academy GoLang tutorials.
GOTO Conference Software Engineering
Jason Turner C++ latest usages. (Co-host of cppcast.)
JustForFunc Programming in Go
Kaggle Deep learning
Linux Foundation Events Linux conferences (good kernel talks could be found here).
LLVM LLVM conferences
Meeting Cpp C++ Conference
MIT OpenCourseWare Rich source of graduate level courses.
OpenStack Foundation Framework related talks.
Pacific++ C++ Conference
Paulo Portela Old Going Native(CppCon) vidoes.
Qt Follows the Qt framework exclusively.
RedHat Summit Product demos and framework related talks.
Spark Summit Apache Spark related demos and talks.
Stanford University School of Engineering Collection of courses.
TensorFlow Deep learning framework related demos.
The Linux Foundation Conferences and talks.

Human by default, Engineer by Education and Programmer by Choice. This blog is digital diary for all the technical information parsed while solving problems at work. Targeted purely as a collection of the basics that are independent of employment status and designations, but some how are most crucial in defining career and inspiring growth. If anything unique is found here then it is definitely by accident !!

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